The US Constitution is Grounded in Natural Law of the Creator

When trying to defend the religious and moral heritage of the US Constitution, one often hears that reply that nothing in the US Constitution states it is based on the bible. Alexander Hamilton made some interesting comments on this topic. Hamilton discussed national laws relation to the creator. He did not mention the bible itself.

“The Rev. Samuel Seabury wrote an article in the New York press on January 5, 1775. The ‘Westchester Farmer’s” A View of the Controversy between Great-Britain and her Colonies . . . ‘

“Hamilton struck back within two weeks of the first appearance of Seabury’s essays in Rivington’s Gazetteer, … , The Farmer Refuted, printed by Rivington as a tract, appeared on February 23, 1775.”

Part of Hamilton’s response to Seabury reads:

“The fundamental source of all your errors, sophisms, and false reasonings, is a total ignorance of the natural rights of mankind. Were you once to become acquainted with these, you could never entertain a thought, that all men are not, by nature, entitled to a parity of privileges. You would be convinced that natural liberty is a gift of the beneficent Creator to the whole human race, and that civil liberty is founded in that, and cannot be wrested from any people without the most manifest violation of justice. Civil liberty is only natural liberty, modified and secured by the sanctions of civil society. It is not a thing, in its own nature, precarious and dependent on human will and caprice, but it is conformable to the constitution of man, as well as necessary to the well-being of society.

“The Sacred Rights of Mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the Hand of the Divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.”

While Hamilton does not explicitly mention the bible, he explicitly mentions that our creator is the basis for the natural law from which civil law is derived.

The above quotes were taken on July 11, 2017 from:

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