The One Who Calls Me to Be Near Him

Wow! The Holy Spirit’s name took on a completely new meaning for me today.

I knew that the Holy Spirit’s Greek name is parakletos. Some bibles translate that as counselor or comforter.

Studying Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance this morning, the root meaning of parakletos is “to call near  … be of good comfort.”

Imagine that. The God of the universe calls me to be near Him. I have never seen it put this way before, but I think His name could be translated Come Near to Me for Comfort.

Boy, who couldn’t use some comfort in life? All the troubles that we have to deal with; and here, the third person of the Trinity says, “Come to me for comfort.” I love it. I love Him. Who can imagine that God calls us to be near Him but He does! Imagine the strong arms of the Holy Spirit wrapping you in comfort. Wow.

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